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Shift Kits/Rebuild Kits

Here at B&M, we find the term “slush box” extremely offensive when used in the context of an automatic transmission. If those two words are a fitting description of the shift quality in your vehicle, we are here to help. B&M offers a range of kits that will give your automatic transmission anything from a subtle improvement all the way to that race-car quality shift which B&M transmissions are famous for. B&M’s Transmission kits modify an automatic transmissions shift timing in order to increase shift firmness and in turn improve durability and longevity.
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Product Type
  • Automatic Transmission Filter
  • Automatic Transmission Filter Extension
  • Automatic Transmission Governor Drive Gear Repair Kit
  • Automatic Transmission Kickdown
  • Automatic Transmission Lock-Up Torque Converter Switch
  • Automatic Transmission Master Repair Kit
  • Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve
  • Automatic Transmission Valve Body Kit
  • Bump Start Kit
  • Multi Purpose Switch
  • Vacuum Modulator Line
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    Items 1 - 53 of 53
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