Why Our MLS Head Gasket Manufacturing Process Matters to You

By: Sean B. | 03/22/2012 < Back to Motor Life Home
The marketplace demanded better strength and a more secure seal from head gaskets. Mr. Gasket has answered the call with our new design and manufacturing process, putting us head and shoulders ahead of the competition. Soft Radius Forming In order to provide the industry's best seal, Mr. Gasket has to ensure more sealing surface than the competition. The way our Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) head gaskets accomplish this is by our unique manufacturing process. Our embossments are formed using a soft radius forming technique. Our steady 3 step embossment process allows the materials to relax after each hit, reducing stress points, improving gasket conformability and providing a uniform clamp load distribution. Stress Relieving Tempering Process Next, our gasket layers go through a stress relieving process to significantly reduce forming induced stress. Some competitors layers are pre-coated, meaning they would not survive this stabilization process. Tempering the metal is important because it reduces hardness and brittleness, increases flexibility and relaxes stress points. This in turn reduces cylinder bore distortion and improved combustion seal around the cylinder bores. Enhanced Two Layer Coating Mr. Gasket applies an enhanced two layer coating after the stress relieving process, unmatched by competitors. Doing this ensures uniform coverage of the outer layers with no break in coating and is how Mr. Gasket ensures the micro seal of engine coolant/oil fluids. The first layer of coating is a high temperature compound that will conform to fill engine block deck surface and cylinder head surface irregularities. Typical MLS head gaskets require a surface finish of 30 Ra (Roughness Average), Mr. Gasket MLS head gaskets will seal surface finishes up to 60 Ra. The second layer of coating is a proprietary compound that resists heat and will not allow for anything to be stuck to its surface. This allows the gasket to release easily when disassembling the engine requiring no scraping that could potentially harm the surface of the engine block or the cylinder head. This layer of coating also resists corrosion from fluids. This advanced manufacturing process is the reason behind our industry leading quality, giving us the ability to back our MLS head gaskets with a lifetime warranty. Mr. Gasket has raised the bar in sealing technology, make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best.
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