It's Time To Upgrade Your C3 Corvette With Holley's Help!

Author: Skylar Drake | 03/12/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

It's been a few years since your C3 Corvette has seen some love, now is the perfect time to get out in the garage and work on your ride! Rekudo has released new performance brake upgrades for 69-82 Corvettes. Also, their new forged wheel hub assemblies offer 25% higher tensile strength compared to cast hubs, making them a great choice for owners who drive their cars as they were intended to be driven. Sniper EFI has also announced two new drop-in muscle car fuel pump modules for a single fuel line connection install. It has never been easier to convert your Corvette to fuel injection and Sniper's muscle car modules are a great way to update your aging fuel system.

REKUDO high quality direct replacement front & rear disk brake rotors for 1965-1982 C2/C3 Chevrolet Corvette's feature a black E-coat on the fully machined finished hats that passes a 400 hour salt spray test without rusting. Rotor friction surfaces get a double disc ground finish that virtually eliminates run out and disc thickness variation. The finish is also non-directional which allows for better pad and rotor break-in. REKUDO rotors are also mill balanced, an additional machining operation to reduce pedal feedback associated with rotor vibration. It produces a smoother, quieter, application of braking force.

Forged Wheel Hub

REKUDO has engineered an all-new forged 4140 steel front wheel bearing hub assembly with excellent strength and durability. The forged 4140 steel construction offers 25% higher tensile strength and 35% higher fatigue strength than cast hubs. This hub is a direct replacement for any 1969-1982 C3 Chevy Corvette and is EDP coated for corrosion resistance for years of service. The hub comes with races and wheel studs installed; to complete the installation, quality wheel bearings, inner seal, washer, castle nut and cotter pin are included. NOTE: Each hub kit is sold individually, and fits either the driver (LH) or passenger (RH) side.

These Corvette Muscle Car EFI Fuel Pump modules are designed as a direct replacement for your factory pick-up and sending unit. There is no need to purchase a custom EFI fuel tank and you can even retain the factory fuel hard line. Connect the outlet of the pump module to the hard line on your vehicle with EFI-rated fuel hose and hose clamps like Earl's Vapor Guard line. The Muscle Car EFI Module includes a 255 LPH fuel pump and a Holley HydraMat, an amazing patent-pending fuel reservoir system that reduces fuel starvation issues that might otherwise occur while cornering, accelerating, stopping, traversing inclines, and during low fuel conditions.

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