Holley Can Help You Modernize Your Small Block Chevy!

Author: Skylar Drake | 12/06/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley helps keep the mighty mouse alive by releasing a ton of awesome new products! Flowtech has just announced their new stainless turbo headers, which can be mounted in a variety of positions making your next turbo install a breeze! Holley's intake division has developed a line of 4150 style fuel injection intakes that are a perfect complement to the new Terminator X universal MPFI kits! Read on to learn more!

11573FLT - Stainless 1-7/8" SBC Polished Turbo Headers

These SBC (Small Block Chevy) Turbo headers are available in 1-3/4" and 1-7/8" mandrel-bent tube diameters and 3" collectors with merge spears for increased exhaust velocity. The Flowtech SBC Turbo headers are the ideal design for creating a compact package within your engine bay, allowing a variety of configurations (up/forward, down/forward, or down/back)!

These headers use a 1/2" thick flange for a leak-free seal and 3" V-band flanges for a superior seal and even pressure at the collector flange. Available in ceramic-coated mild steel, natural 304 stainless steel or polished 304 stainless steel you can rely on Flowtech for your next turbo project!

300-263 - 4150 Single Plane SBC Intake (Vortec Heads)

The new single plane EFI intake manifold is designed to provide a broad RPM powerband for high-performance street/strip engine applications to a maximum engine speed of 7500 RPM. The manifold is designed to work with 4150 Style Throttle body EFI systems like the Holley 4150 style 112-587 and 112-588. These intake manifolds are designed to accept most stock hardware and accessory brackets, but offer performance features; like an updated plenum divider area, a 1" shorter overall height than most single plane manifolds, and a choice of two distributor clamp locations. The black coated fuel rails and rail bracket assortment are included with the manifold for any easy installation with the injectors that you choose to use for your combination. Available in multiple configurations to accommodate, factory iron, Vortec and most 23* configuration aftermarket cylinder heads!

550-936 - Universal MPFI, EV1 Injector Terminator X System

Take control of your engine with Terminator X! Don't settle for a factory ECU with a cumbersome tuning interface when you can have complete control of your engine, self-learning fuel strategies and the proven, race-winning technology of Holley EFI at a budget-friendly price! Terminator X comes fully loaded with base maps for common V8 engine combinations to get you out of the garage and on the road/track fast. The 3.5" touch screen LCD handheld contains an easy to use calibration wizard as well as tuning and gauge display functions. Also included is Holley EFI's industry-leading, easy to use software suite that allows full laptop access for advanced users. Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted race car, Terminator X has the features and technology you need at a price that won't break the bank! This system is plug-and-play with Dual Sync and Hyperspark distributors making it a perfect upgrade for your Small Block Chevy!

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